Summer Intensive

The best part of the conference was working with artists and educators in a relaxed and relatively pressure-free setting. During the different sessions, we were involved in all aspects of the information presented.  In the future, this could be used as a tool in my teaching practice.  – 2012 Summer Intensive Participant

(picture to the side) Each year the Institute for Arts-Infused Education hosts the Summer Intensive, an annual professional development workshop, for artist educators, teachers and school administrators at Marygrove College. Over two days attendees participate in hands-on workshops and build multimodality lesson plans that engage students from all background in the classroom.

The standards-based approach to arts-infused education offers students and teachers a way to explore important topics across the curriculum while fulfilling state mandates on education.

There are a hundred different reasons to attend the Summer Intensive, but here are some of the most popular, resonating reasons:

  • Obtain SB-CEU credits for educators in the State of Michigan
  • Learn Innovative teaching methods with hands-on engaging applications
  • Network & connect with educators across the Metro-Detroit region
  • Meet potential organizations to partner with on arts-infused education
  • Listen to world class speakers

Want to learn more?

Check out our Past Summer Intensives or our Upcoming Summer Intensive

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