2012 Summer Intensive Recap

Arts-Infused Education Conferece with the Root-Bernsteins

Michele and Robert Root-Berstein explores mathematical connections in Gene Davis’s abstract paintings.

On August 14th & 15th, 2012 the Institute for Arts Infused Education hosted it’s 7th Annual Summer Intensive at Marygrove College.  Each year the Institute for Arts Infused Education presents a conference geared at teaching artists, teachers and school administrators to learn new ways to infuse art into the core curriculum.

This year the Institute collaborated with Marygrove’s Science Department to present on “The Art & Science of Sound” where participants were able to explore the anatomy & physiology of sound, musical compositions with unusual instruments and the acoustics of physical space.

As always, there were a number of fantastic presenters at the Intensive! This year we were lucky enough to have Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, the authors of “Sparks of Genius”; Cara Grainger from Living Arts Detroit; Milfordean Luster from the Detroit Rep Theatre; and Jeanne Andreoli and Tara Sievers-Hunt the respective co-chairs of the Science and Music Department at Marygrove College.

Jeanne Andreoli Speaking

Marygrove Science Professor Jeanne Andreoli dives into the “science of sound” at the 2012 Summer Intensive.

Theater Workshop Performance

Participants present a small performance at the Summer Intensive.

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